At first glance, "business insurance" seems like a broad term that can leave a potential policyholder with a lot of questions. However, business insurance is an overarching category covering plenty of insurance types that many businesses around the world rely on depending on their own unique business model, industry, and need. Industry-specific needs and risks make it impossible for insurance companies to create one plan that fits every business. At Lowry, we also understand that each business is unique. That's why we provide industry-specific insurance options to fit businesses of every type.

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Workers Compensation

The value of good employees can't be put into words. Your day-to-day operations depend on their hard work, expertise, and dedication. Supplying them with quality benefits and plans allows them to work with peace of mind, knowing that they are properly protected. If your business does not offer Workers Compensation, serious injuries that occur on the job could lead to an employee suing your company for damages. That’s why it’s important to discuss your options with a specialist at Lowry Insurance, who can help you find the right coverage options for all your business needs.

General Liability

Being a business owner is a major responsibility that comes with many risks. You're responsible not only for maintaining smooth business operations, but you're also accountable for keeping employees and property insured from injuries and damages. Our team works with you to create a policy designed with your best interests in mind, letting you focus less on the "what ifs" and more on growing your business.


From serving customers to creating jobs, your business is a powerhouse of activity. As hard as it may be to believe, accidents happen - both big and small. Making sure that your commercial property is protected by the right policy is crucial in keeping your business covered when disaster strikes. This includes coverage of your building, interior items, onsite equipment, outdoor signs, your entire inventory, and more. Other items that are typically found on a Property Insurance policy can include Builder’s Risk Insurance and Equipment Breakdown coverage. Builder’s Risk protects any materials or equipment from damage or loss sustained during construction or remodeling, while Equipment Breakdown, or Boiler and Machinery, keeps any electrical, electronic, or pressurized equipment on your premises insured from breakdowns or loss.

Umbrella & Excess

Insuring your business is one of the most important financial decisions a business owner can make. If your current policy doesn't provide sufficient coverage, one mishap could put jeopardize your finances - or your entire business. A Commercial Umbrella policy will provide your business with additional coverage should a lawsuit or major accident exceed the limits of your existing, or underlying, General, Auto, or other business liability policy. It can also insure an incident that occurs outside of your coverage territory.

Management Liability

In today's litigious society, lawsuits against business are being filed daily. Are you prepared to protect the integrity of your company's name if a small incident turns into a claim? At Lowry Insurance, we understand that mistakes happen. That's why our team works with you to create a Professional Liability policy that keeps your daily operations protected if your business is held legally liable.


Company vehicles and the employees who drive them are often integral parts of many modern businesses. From cross-country road trips to a local delivery, make sure your fleet is covered when accidents happen and keep your operations running smoothly. Since Commercial Auto Insurance coverage varies, it’s important to discuss your business’ options with a specialist at Lowry Insurance who can help you determine the proper amount of coverage for all your commercial needs. Auto Insurance is an essential financial decision that will keep your business covered. The next time your fleet takes the road, make sure it’s protected with Commercial Auto policy from Lowry Insurance.

Cyber Liability

Technology has revolutionized businesses throughout industries across the world. Unfortunately, with a technological renaissance came a wave of new risks for business owners. From major IT corporations to small businesses running on a lone laptop, technology insurance can help mitigate risks and allow you to embrace new technology with confidence. There is no one-size-fits-all policy for technology. The use of technology by companies is so varied — and the risks are so different — that a universal policy would ultimately cost you far more than needed. To deal with this, Lowry Insurance focuses on solutions that are specifically tailored to your company's needs, helping to keep costs low while still providing your business with adequate protection.

Professional Liability

Living up to your promises is a foundational element in building trust with your clients. Unfortunately, mistakes happen and are often interpreted as fraud that then leads to legal action being taken. Professional Liability Insurance reimburses a business when financial oversights take their toll. Errors and omissions refer to mistakes, negligence, or discrepancies in a business' accounting records, which can possibly be interpreted as fraud and lead to legal action. Business owners and executives have several legal and financial responsibilities that accompany their roles, and if they fail to fulfill these responsibilities by inaccurately reporting income, errors and omissions insurance will reimburse a business for problems arising from these fiduciary oversights.

Builders Risk

In the construction industry, each project is unique with its own needs - and its own risks. With so many moving parts on each worksite, having appropriate coverage is important when employee livelihoods and client reputations are on the line. Will the site be covered if there are changes to the job? What about coverage to meet regulatory code requirements if a building is damaged? We will take the time to work with you in analyzing each project, so we protect even the unique features for your client in their commercial, residential or renovation projects.

Inland & Ocean Marine

Your products and equipment are the backbone of your company. Transported goods, hauled equipment, construction tools - whatever it may be, it's important to keep your investments protected. Inland Marine policies keep you covered in the event of accidents, theft, vandalism, or even a total loss.

While there may seem like plenty of options, don't worry! Our agents work one-on-one with clients, identifying individual insurance needs and building the perfect coverage solution. This personalized approach provides even more value for North Carolina-based businesses that invest in our Business Insurance program. From contractors and manufacturers to landlords and non-profit orgs, our team can tailor policies for companies in a variety of industries.

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